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Haven't updated in a while

September 28th, 2006 at 09:23 pm

Well, I'm soooo busy. I just ended the first phase of my third job so things are going to 'settle' down for a while until my online class starts.

I LOVE teaching my night courses. I HATE being away from DS 2 nights a week. So, I have turned down the offer to teach (the face to face classes) next semester. Part of me is upset to turn it down, but family time is more important. This semester I teach Mon and Wed nights and DH teaches Tues nights so that is 3 nights a week we don't have family time. Teaching this semester has been an invaluable experience but not at the expense of my family. Oh, the the $$ is being saved to pay for next year's vacation.

So, we are doing pretty well expense wise. I've been working 3 jobs so I haven't done the math yet. I am WAY into couponing these days and that has helped quite a bit. I am going to open a new savings acct and at the end of every month tally the coupon savings and actually transfer REAL money into that new acct. Otherwise I feel that the coupon savings is just 'theoretical' savings. Does that make sense? Dunno.

Anyway, we're going camping this weekend. DS is SOOOOO excited. He's such a cool little dude.