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Need Recipe Ideas!!

May 6th, 2008 at 09:41 am

Ok, after all the discussion on potlucks a few days ago I need an EASY breakfast recipe. I just found out we are having a breakfast potluck next Monday and someone else already called 'dibs' on donuts, juice, fruit tray and paper goods. So, I need something I can make the night before, can be heated up in a microwave (if reheating is necessary) and is EASY EASY EASY to make (I don't cook). I do have access to a refrigerator but since it's for breakfast that probably won't be necessary. All you frugal cooks out there, any ideas? Thanks!!

9 Responses to “Need Recipe Ideas!!”

  1. momobsessed Says:

    May I suggest bagels and cream cheese!

  2. miclason Says:

    ...rice and beans? (hey, we DO have that for breakfast in ES! - usually as a side to eggs, plantains and fresh cheese!)

  3. cashqueen Says:

    Bagels and cream cheese is a great idea, but there aren't any good places to get bagels around here. Just the crappy grocery store bagels. And no toaster.

  4. Maismom Says:

    Fruit salad? Buy some fruits that are on sale, and cut them up and mix them!

  5. mbkonef Says:

    What about some type of coffee cake. My Betty Crocker cookbook has a recipe for a great streusel coffee cake that I have made many times for rave reviews and it is not too hard to make either.

  6. cashqueen Says:

    Mmmm, coffee cake sounds like a great idea if I can find an easy recipe.

  7. snoopycool Says:

    Quiche can be quick and easy, or a breakfast casserole.

  8. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    If you don't cook, homemade granola is out--

    so instead some yogurt (a big container of vanilla)
    and some storebought granola, bulk bin, if possible

    place the granola in a nice serving dish with a nice serving spoon next to the tub of yogurt.

    Easy, pretty inexpensive, serves a dozen

  9. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    A platter of Precooked Bacon or Sausages for all the carbo-avoiders out there!!

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