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Oh, The Mistakes I've Made

June 10th, 2008 at 07:07 am

Oh, The Mistakes Iíve Made

Well, itís been a month of learning and mistakes. I finally got Microsoft Money loaded onto my laptop so Iím in the process of updating that. Then Iíll have a full picture of the damage. I have a feeling itís going to be ugly. My plan of attack is to assess the damage, regroup and move forward.

I really am trying to get into couponing because I KNOW I can save a lot of money. Iíve seen it firsthand, but finding the time to do it Ďproperlyí has been a real challenge and Iíve made some mistakes. Last Saturday I went to Rite Aid to pick up some of the rebate items for the week. Now Rite Aid is not convenient for me Ė in fact itís in the exact opposite direction of anywhere I need to go. I had to drive DH to the airport so it was Ďsort ofí on my way home. I had my list and my coupons Ė and both kids. When I got home I realized that only I only had 1 of the shampoos I meant to buy. I know I picked up both of them, but I think the other probably ended up sitting on the check out counter off to the side. Those counters are small and crowded and it probably got pushed out of the way. I was not charged for it, but I needed to buy 2 for the rebate. On the other hand, my coupon was for $4 off 2 and the cashier pushed that through (I guess thinking that she had rung up both them) so I still got it for free, but I would have had 2 for free after the rebate. Then, I didnít realize the rebate for the hairspray I bought (FAR plus I had a coupon) was only good at the beginning of the week. The tag was still on the shelf and I didnít check closely enough. Then I bought the wrong sunscreen for the rebate (still an ok deal at B1G1 and I needed it.) The only things I did right were the toothpaste and deodorant rebates. I thought I was all set with my list and coupons and I still managed to screw it up. I think the lesson here is to pay closer attention Ė AND try to shop without the kids. I thought I had myself organized enough to just run in and grab what I needed to get out of there quickly, but it cost me some $$. I know I could just return them but I do need the sunscreen and hairspray (and I did use a coupon with the hairspray) so Iím just gonna chalk it up to a life lesson. It doesnít end there. I went to Kroger to get a deal on Kelloggs items and I needed 6 products for the deal and managed to only have 5 so instead of $8 off , I only got $4. I was in a rush to pick up the kids and didnít realize it until I got home. Sigh.

One thing I did right was find coupons for Dr. Pepper $1/2. Walgreens had 2 liters on sale for 89 cents so I got 4 2 liters for $1.56. I have more coupons but I havenít had a chance to get to Walgreens again. Iím going to try to stock up at 39 cents/bottle but Iíll have to wait until DH is back so I can run around without the kids.

So, Iím trying. I just have to be a little more careful. Iíve reorganized my coupons so I think that will help, too. I find it hard to spend the time organizing my shopping trips AND find time to do the actual shopping. I know there have been weeks in the past that Iíve been all set to go get something from a particular store and I never make it there before the sale is over. It can be overwhelming sometimes.

2 Responses to “Oh, The Mistakes I've Made”

  1. Petunia Says:

    Practice and patience. . . you'll get there!

  2. snoopycool Says:

    I plan to "CVS" this summer, too. I know how hard it is with kids. But I believe that once the groove is there, it will flow. Keep going!

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